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Dashboard 2.4.0 (released 7/13/19)


- Compatible with data from the IMeasureU next-generation sensor, Blue Trident.

- Updated graph intensity bins and .csv export to accommodate high g sensor data.

- Updated scroll view that minimizes the menu bar.

Instructions to use intensity bins:
- Same as per usual when using the brushing tool to zoom in on specific areas of interest during a session, as well as when exporting data

Instructions to use the updated menu bar:

- To minimize the menu bar, simply scroll down, or click on the “up” arrow in the bottom right of the menu bar.
- To maximize the menu bar, simply click anywhere on the minimized menu bar, or scroll to the very top of the page.

The IMU Step Dashboard is now capable of showing high-intensity steps as measured by the Blue Trident sensor. This means that our bin ranges have changed from 1g-26g to 1g-200+g.

Instead of only measuring impacts up to 26g, IMU Step Dashboard is now capable of reporting step intensities beyond 200g.

The range of possible intensities in the Asymmetry by Day Graph and Heat Map have been expanded to accommodate this. All step intensities that would have previously appeared in the 26g band have now been grouped in the appropriate high g band.

These extreme intensity bands have been grouped for simplicity and screen space, and aren’t set in stone. As we learn more about the distribution of steps across these extreme intensity ranges, we plan to update the Dashboard to display this information as effectively as possible.

This type of data has never been measured before, so the best way for us to get the data visualization right is through feedback! As always, we would love to hear your feedback on what ranges are most suitable for your data analysis processes, as well as for any other IMU Step Dashboard features.

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