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Bulk Exports (Released June 9, 2021)

Today we are pleased to announce a new export feature for the IMU Step Dashboard. This enables you to export session summary files for multiple athletes, across any range of dates, all at one time. 

Now, rather than having to navigate through the dashboard for individual export summary files, you can download as many summary files as you want in one fell swoop! 

Further to this, instead of downloading two files for every session export, each session will export with step counts for every individual g bin by default. If you need the high-g intensity bins in ranges (matching the Asymmetry graph in the Dashboard) for your own data analyses, simply select the “Grouped high-g bins” option before exporting. 

Note that we’ve made the headers in the summary file a little nicer to read, so you may have to consider this when importing metrics into your own custom systems. 

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our support team at 

Happy measuring everyone! 

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