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Release 2.9

We have given your data more context than ever! 

You can now record up to 80 footnotes in a session, record a footnote video at the same time, plus you can see what your last session was like, to give you greater context on your upcoming session. 

We have also made IMU Step more robust and upgraded the sensor firmware, so you will need to update via IMU Step Desktop for Mac and Windows.

Download for Mac

Download for Windows

This is a general release, with the following five major updates to be aware of: 

1) A firmware upgrade to FW9. This puts sensors in line with Capture.U 1.2 and Nexus 2.10, so customers that are using both products no longer have to switch between firmware versions. 

2) Large scale footnotes. Currently, users are limited to 8 footnotes per session when starting and stopping footnotes via iOS. This update allows users to record up to 80 footnotes. 

3) You can see what the summary stats are ((IL, BS, Steps, %HI) for your previously uploaded session to give greater context for the upcoming session via iOS. 

4) Record footnotes tagged with video in normal recordings via iOS. 

5Export footnotes from the Desktop app as a .csv file. This is a separate .csv file that contains timestamps for footnotes used during the session that match the raw IMU data export. 

Download any data before upgrading sensor firmware – you can download post-upgrade if you forget.


  • Per-session based dashboard 


  • Move to FW9 (Same as latest Nexus/Capture.U release) 


  • Summary stats from the last uploaded session. 

  • Ability to record video from a regular recording for a footnote. 

  • New configuration screen with added clearer sensor information. 

  • Bug fix to allow users to add more than footnotes per session from iOS. 

  • More session information (Date, duration, UUID, recording type, video recorded y/n, footnotes synced y/n) and ability to export video from a previously recorded session. 


  • Ability to choose where .imu files are saved (ability to save direct to a much larger external hard drive if the computer is full). This can be accessed in the Settings tab. 

  • Footnotes exported with raw IMU data in milliseconds. 

  • Users will be informed if a session has been processed already in the Process tab to prevent double uploads. 

  • More session information (Date, duration, UUID, recording type, video recorded y/n, footnotes synced y/n). 

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