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Data Storage Best Practices

The data recorded from the sensors is measured up to 1600 times per second. If you are storing the data on your computer it could potentially take up a large amount of space. The same applies to storing large amounts of videos on your phone. See below for our best practice guidelines for ensuring you are handling your data efficiently.

The csv files you download from the IMU-Step Desktop will be large files and have the potential to quickly crowd your pc. If you are exporting the raw data from IMU-Step, we recommend storing the files on an external hard drive. With the hard drive plugged in, you can either move the files manually or select the hard drive as a save point during download by clicking the folder in the download screen.


When you record a live session with your iPad's camera, the video will save in two places. It will save one copy to your apple photos folder and it will save another in the IMU-Step app as well. To delete the video from your app, click on the athlete the video is saved under and swipe left on the session to delete. When you select delete, this will delete both the file and the video (ensure you've uploaded the data to the cloud before deleting the session from the phone).

If you are using the screen record feature during collections, this will save another video of the athlete as well as the corresponding data. Once you upload the session to the cloud, we advise saving this video and deleting the others.

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