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[Archive] Blue Thunder Step Downloads

Note: This is a legacy page. If you are looking for the most recent downloads, click here

To properly run your IMeasureU system you will need to download and install a few things:

The IMeasureU Desktop Console - This is the software you will use to manage your sensors and data for each session.

USB Drivers for your computer - Installing these will allow your computer to recognize the IMU sensors when you plug them in. You may need to contact your IT team if the drivers will not install.

The IMeasureU App - The app compatible with the orange sensors is currently available through iOS Testflight, check your email and notify support if you need the link sent to your apple id. This app is where you will record each session.

Find your operating system in the list below for your download links.

Mac                                                           iPhone/ iPad

Desktop     USB Driver                      App Store 

Windows 10                                           Windows 7

Desktop     USB Driver                       Desktop USB Driver

Need help installing the drivers? View our step by step walkthrough here

Just starting out with IMU Step? View our Getting Started Guide next

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